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Internet Cafe software

Main Internet Cafe server screen shows client computer icons with different status, console icons, tables, Billiard.

Control play&pay sessions on the client computers with the ability to limit time and amount of money customer want to spend.

Integrated 'Point of sale' module with POS categories and configurable items & services.

Different pricing methods gives you ability to configure fixed price per hour or time block, bulk and scheduled pricing.
Charge different price depending of the program type usage (Internet, Office or Games).

Generate and print timecode pre-paid tickets for your customers.

Member accounts include all customer personal details (name, customer photo, address, e-mail, ID card number, phone number etc.).

Preview of all charged bills in the Internet Cafe server with the ability to show charged items for each bill separately.

Protect client computers from the customers. Hide local drives on the client computer, disable Registry tools, disable Run command etc.

Connect cafes in network via internet and share timecode and member account database.

Manage bill, timecode and member account database.

Modify appearance of the client computer desktop. Change active skin, hide Start button and desktop icons, choose default language etc.


These are just a few Internet Cafe client skins with login pages and menus.

HotSpot software

Main HotSpot software screen with the preview of all connected computers to the Internet.

Configure network options and limit number of connected users to the HotSpot.

Create pre-paid customer accounts with specified time limit, bandwidth quota, download and upload speed for each account separately.

Define the pricing plans for the pre-paid accounts.

Allow credit card billing using PayPal or some other payment processing gateway.

Login page displayed in the web browser on the client computers.

Assign IP addresses to the client computers using HotSpot software DHCP server function.

Financial report shows total income with filtering options.

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